Monday 16 April 2012

Designing the UI

Some apps have a dedicated screen where as your start screen and other apps lets you jump right into action. From what I have experienced so far is that games mostly use the scenario with a start screen and not that many have the possibility to jump right into action. Some even have multiple screens before you get to the action.

Well I have decided to go the other way with my game. No code or nothing yet, just my thoughts. I will let the user get straight into action and instead have a action bar to give the user the ability to navigate to settings screen, hi-score and so far.

This means that I will try to target the design guidelines for Android 4 ( This would be a problem if I were to release the app tomorrow, but I think that we are at least one year away from release (have many other projects) and my that time the majority of the users have either upgraded their existing android phone if possible or bought a new smart phone.

Right now ( there are only about 3% on Android 4 or higher. The majority of users are on either 2.2 or 2.3 with a total of 86% on these two versions. In a year this will be totally different and my guess is that at least 60% will be on Android 4.0 or higher.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Welcome to app construction

I have been constructing software for the last 20 years or so. First in my education and later as a full time profession. I has mainly been with Microsoft software in different variants. I have as many others also followed the rising of apps to smartphone and tablet market and I have been times said to myself that I should join up, but so far it has just been a thought.

Well I think it is about time to jump on the wagon. It will be slow as there are other things I also want to use my spare time on like soccer, photography, my house and off cause my family.

This site will have the focus of my journey into the app world and let me start be giving some hints to what way I am going.

These days there are roughly 3 different segments of app development. One for android, one for iphone and one for Windows phone. Based on my experience one should think the Windows Phone would be the way I am going, but as this has a little market share and I have a little hope of making some money of it.

Android is my choice for several reasons. I have an Android phone, I don't need new hardware to develop and it is an open source way to go. The two other platforms might come later, but Android is the first priority.

Having spend some time with an Android phone I have noticed something by my own way of using apps. I mainly go for the free apps and only if it is good and I need it. Then I pay the money. So my app is going to be free, but maybe with a paid version with more features. This means the the free one will have adds to at least try to make some money.

Another thought is that it has to be unique, but maybe based on a common schema. This could be a different way of looking and existing thing or add some features to this genre of app from other successful apps or a combination.

The app I want to create is a game as many people want to spend time to play a little game when they have a time for them self.

It should have a network features so you can play with your friends or someone completely unknown where you can enjoy some time together.

Well that is that for my first post. Hope to get some time to write more soon.